Etienne Perron, Ph.D., 2009

Ph.D. committee

Thesis director: Prof. S N. Diggavi Thesis co-director: Prof. E. Telatar Committee members:

  • Prof. C. Fragouli (EPFL)
  • Prof. A. Khisiti (Univ. of Toronto)
  • Prof. U. Maurer (ETH, Zurich)
  • Prof. R. Urbanke (EPFL, Committee president).
Thesis synopsis

Etienne's thesis was focussed on wireless network secrecy. This problem formulation arose due to the recent work of Avestimehr, Diggavi and Tse on approximate characterization of wireless network information flow. A natural question that was asked was how much of this flow can be kept information-theoretically secure from a set of curious (passive) eavesdroppers. The study of this problem led to the new notion of inserting “junk” or noise in the network as a means of friendly jamming to increase secrecy rate. It also solved the multi-source multicast extension of the original approximation results of Avestimehr, Diggavi and Tse. These led to the achievable performance of secrecy in wireless relay networks. There were also other results in the thesis including approximate characterization of interference-multiple access networks; analysis of interactive secrecy of line networks.