Soheil Mohajer, Ph.D., 2010

Ph.D. committee

Thesis director: Prof. S N. Diggavi

Committee members:

  • Prof. C. Fragouli (EPFL)
  • Dr. C. Tian (AT&T)
  • Prof. D N C. Tse (UC, Berkeley)
  • Prof. R. Urbanke (EPFL, Committee president).
Thesis synopsis

Soheil made significant progress on two important network information theory questions. The first was the long-standing open question on multiple description data compression and the second was on a sending two independent information flows on wireless (relay-interference) networks. The Gaussian multiple description problem was approximately resolved for the symmetric case as well as the three-description asymmetric case, to within a constant number of bits (0.72bits for the symmetric case, for example). The relay interference network was approximately resolved for special ZZ and ZS networks to within 2 bits. Both these are examples of the approximation approach to network information theory, which has allowed recent progress on long-standing open questions.